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Frankly, even if it finds a bad area and successfully repairs it, I would still be concerned that a sector became corrupted in the first place. You may also want to consider your drive manufacturer’s utilities software for a possibly more thorough and complete disk drive check. If you are checking the Windows drive or a drive in use by another program, you will be asked, "Do you want to check for hard disk errors the next time you start your computer?". You will need to Left-Click "Schedule Disk Check", then Left-Click "OK" in the "Local Disk Properties" box.

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Windows will automatically run the "Error-Checking" tool on bootup. Wait for it to finish and any PC Disk Drive Errors will be repaired automatically. Here is a list of best free RAM Test software for Windows. These free memory RAM tester freeware can be used to test RAM for errors and notify you of RAM errors and problems encountered.


When it becomes serious, the system will barely operate at a normal pace due to high memory usage. In this case, each program will have a hard time to operate on its own. Since Windows Vista, Microsoft has included in a memory diagnostics tool that can check for errors. Before this, users had to depend on third party utilities such as memtest86+, which can also be useful. In this article, we show you how to use the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool that’s built into Windows 10, too.

Some of these freeware can be run on Windows while you work, while some are boot programs and you need to run RAM test through boot menu. If the check begins without a restart, it is best NOT to use your computer for anything else during the process. A good time to go for a break, but you will probably want to stick around to see what errors are displayed. Usually, a program or application will only take considerable memory usage to operate. When a program or application takes a lot of memory usage continuously, then the memory leak may play a role in it. In case the memory leak continues to happen, your Windows 10 PC may experience slow performance. The programs or applications which become the source of the errors may also become unresponsive.

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In return, all of the errors will present inconvenience during your time of operating your Windows 10 PC. Normally, a program or application will only take considerable memory usage to operate. The slowdown in performance has always caused many types of errors on Windows 10 PC. It causes a lot of programs to operate slowly, hence the system will crash. If the clashes within the programs extend for long, you will see a Blue Screen of Death error or sudden shutdown.

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This helps you get an idea of your computer Memory, so that you could change it when you encounter any problems. Each RAM memory tester software uses different set of algorithms in order to check RAM for errors.

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Automatically fix file system errors – This option reports and repairs data errors. If you check this option, the disk data errors will be repaired automatically. If you uncheck this option, the errors will be displayed to you, but not fixed. Using the Error Checking Tool within Windows, you can easily check your disk drive for file system errors and even physical disk damage. Slow PC performance, crashes, and freezes can be caused by a malfunctioning hard drive with corrupt system files and bad sectors. We will detail all of the error check options of the Check Disk utility in this tutorial and explain the nuances of each.