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Simple tips to use a Plug for A electric garments Dryer

Simple tips to use a Plug for A electric garments Dryer

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The plug on a dryer that is electric optional, because, in lots of homes, the applying is hardwired into your house circuitry. Then you may need to install a plug — or pigtail — yourself if your house has a 240-volt receptacle for the dryer. The nationwide Electrical Code has mandated grounded plugs on dryers since 1996, so pigtails that are contemporary four cables in place of three. Setting up a pigtail seems like a project that is complicated but it is actually a straightforward procedure that everyone can do. The pigtail cables have band lugs, and you also just attach these to your appropriate terminals in the dryer.

Choose the electrical terminal panel regarding the straight back associated with the dryer. It really is frequently close to the flooring. Unscrew the panel address by having a Philips screwdriver and eliminate it.

Note the colors associated with terminal screws within the dryer. Two are brass, one is silver and something is green. The metal terminals are hot, the silver is basic and also the one that is green for ground.

Unscrew among the metal screws and insert it through the band lug on either the black colored or red cable on the pigtail. Both of these cables are both hot and they are interchangeable.