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All tangled up: Let’s get rid of “no strings attached” sex

All tangled up: Let’s get rid of “no strings attached” sex

Recently, much to my baffled pleasure, i came across myself perched on an automatic washer being energetically fingered with a male that is human.

Well! This was an appealing (and enthusiastically consented-to) situation, maybe maybe not minimum of most because

  1. I’m a lesbian (okay, ok, I’m bisexual, but as my hilarious and gorgeous freshman roomie states, “Reina. Guys will likely not make an effort to have intercourse with you when they read you calling yourself a lesbian in print.” To which we state: The ones that are creepy!), and
  2. I happened to be on an automatic washer.

Much more interesting: this specific male that is human read a bit of mine on intimate ethics, hookup culture, and vulnerability, in which he had some questions.

Specifically: Why in the world could you speak with a chick you fucked the early morning after? Does not this just make shit more awkward for everyone?

I think that my pussy is really a diplomat, distributing feminism wherever she goes. Properly, and hands being duly removed from my vagina, we assumed our roles round the dryer/campfire. Sharing time!