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Comment: OkCupid additionally the mainstreaming of polyamory

Comment: OkCupid additionally the mainstreaming of polyamory

Whenever had been the first-time you heard somebody utilize the word “polyamory” in discussion?

Or simply “poly”? What about “open relationship“non-monogamy” or”? It’s likely that, it had been a while within the final few years, as less mainstream relationships have actually relocated in to the conventional awareness.

A long time ago, the primary image of non-monogamy that many people had been presented with was compared to a ’70s key party or that grim Louis Theroux documentary regarding the swinger-dude and their sad-seeming wife. Maybe perhaps maybe Not sexy. maybe Not enjoyable. Not at all something the couple that is average be thinking about – or acknowledge to.

In the past few years, nonetheless, the style and training of available relationships is actually demystified as increasingly more individuals realise it is, for all, a viable and satisfying life style choice.