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96 thoughts on “ Dating my Daughter – variation 0.26 Ch2 + Walkthrough ”

Beeing to stupid? Chapter 1 completed in variation 0.14. How to link 0.14 and 0.15? How to move saves from 0.14 to 0.15? Just duplicate upgrade into 0.14 folder? Don?t take action. Would appreciate information on solution.

Sorry but we do not know. But we saw you currently found an Solution, perhaps you can share it with all the other people.

Being TOO stupid? Wouldn’t would like you to definitely seem stupid or such a thing.

Can the solution is shared by you, please?

My saves wouldn’t convert over either, but you’re asked a few questions regarding your progress in chapter 1. When you answer them, you proceed into ch. 2 aided by the correct history of choices.

I must state, this video game is very good. The truly good (and educational) exposition in each chapter, while the therapy of relationships is portrayed realistically.

There have been a few mistakes in ch 1, many glaring was D’s mentioning of Richard waiting while at *Georgina’s* studio.

In ch. 2, all of the smallish mistakes were in sentence structure. The intercourse scene animations had clack markers plainly noting them as looped. We *really* liked that Jennifer discovered some body after being refused by F, and Elena discovered somebody unpredictable in Jordan. (I’m playing that F rejected everybody else but Olivia and only a relationship with all the D).

We can’t watch for ch. 3!

Actually we dunno! Saves 14 to 15 transfered of an abrupt.